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Promoting Your Music on TikTok

Introduction TikTok used to be just for teens, but now it’s a platform for everyone. There are now over 30 million users in the United States over the age of 35 who use TikTok every day. And if you’re an artist trying to promote your music, there’s no better way than TikTok to reach them. But how do you get…

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What is a Performance Rights Organization (PRO)?

Introduction If you’re a songwriter, composer or lyricist who wants to make money from your music, it’s important that you register with a Performance Rights Organization (PRO). A performance royalty is paid whenever your work is performed in public. This includes radio broadcasts, live concerts and even background music played over the phone at an event venue. What is a…

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Copyrighting Your Music

Introduction Whether you’re a musician, songwriter, or composer, you should protect your music. Your music is an asset that can be protected by registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO). This will allow you to use your own work in many different ways and prevent others from using or profiting from it without permission. Registering Your Music You can…

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howling giant - theDIYteam

Nashville’s Howling Giant

Howling Giant is fuzzed out southern flavored metal from Nashville. Their albums Black Hole Space Wizard pt. 1 and pt. 2 should both be on your must-hear list. Check out the video for Dirtmouth here:

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Clay Melton - theDIYteam

Clay Melton – Wind & Wave

Clay Melton hails from Austin, TX and continues to make a name for himself nationally with his guitar-driven blues rock. Check out the video for his song Wind & Wave here:

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ellis dyson & the shambles - theDIYteam

Ellis Dyson & The Shambles

Ellis Dyson & the Shambles play Appalachian folk with heavy jazz influence and explosive live performances. They hail from Chapel Hill, NC but they’ve been on the move playing shows around the east coast this fall. If you didn’t get a chance to see them, hit their website and stay in the loop for next time. In the meantime, here…

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avantist - theDIYteam


We are really loving Avantist’s latest record. The Chicago-based act’s self-titled latest release is out now on Spotify, Itunes, and all the rest. Here’s a video from a recent live performance of their song Deep Red Love at Sofar Chicago:

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tele and the ghost of our lord - theDIYteam

Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord – I’m New Here

Orlando, FL band Tele & The Ghost of Our Lord just did an amazing looking Cassette Store Day release of their latest album on Godless America Records. If you missed it, you can still pick up one of the few copies left at their website. And check out the video for their song I’m New Here too:

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reverend hylton - theDIYteam

Reverend Hylton’s latest release: Reba

Reverend Hylton from Atlanta distributed his latest release, Reba with us in follow-up to last year’s Stubborn Nail. This is some quality southern folk songwriting that you need to hear. Enjoy the video for the song Biscuits & Gravy here:

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slumberjack - theDIYteam

Slumberjack – Grey Paper

Orlando, FL two-piece Slumberjack distributed their latest release Oddly Calm with us and we strongly suggest you hit your favorite digital music retailer and check it out! We love the local Orlando blog Shows I Go To so we had to share this feature that they did on Slumberjack as well:

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